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My Unusual COVID-19 Pivot - Steve Gilbert

Many of you will have seen that distilleries all over the world have quickly pivoted into production of hand sanitiser. Don't jump to conclusions - I have no plans to build a distillery!

In addition to undertaking a great public service, many are also doing a great trade. The struggle for distilleries is to produce the volumes and keep up with the demand that our health systems, emergency services and businesses have for sanitiser. That’s not even mentioning the rest of us in the community who need it.

Locally, here in Brisbane, Jon Atherton (who has fast become a friend of mine) has managed to pull together a very significant production line - full cred to him!

Personally, my parking business has taken a hammering - easy enough to predict once we were all told to go and work from home and leave our cars in the garage. Now, I’m not in any way complaining about this - the circumstances are beyond the control of any of us and the solution to getting past the crisis clearly requires unprecedented measures. 

The by-product of this downturn however, is empty parking locations. My team and I have therefore been trying to come up with alternative uses for the amazing commercial properties we have the privilege of representing and operating. Our intention is very much to survive, but additionally - consider what we can do during this time of crazy change? If we assume we’ve got the survival piece covered, how can we then use the tools and assets at our disposal to make a difference? How can we help our community?

For the most part, beyond the below idea, my idea list is short and I would certainly welcome any suggestions you may have. 

Enter crazy idea one:

Talking with Jon Atherton at Brisbane Distilleries about the challenges of producing large volumes of hand sanitiser in a small postage stamp sized boutique warehouse, I realised the 1000m2 warehouse we have that is 300m away from his could be vacated and made available for their use. 

Pivot 1 - Done ✅ 

Enter crazy idea two:

There are large volumes of people wanting sanitiser right now but have to wait until the huge volumes required by health and emergency services are fulfilled. Then they have to come all the way in to West End to get it. What are the bottlenecks here? What else could I do to help this situation?

Could we setup mini collection stations in additional locations that are more accessible?

What if we did a pop-up? What if it was Drive-thru? What if the locations were high profile, easily accessible and large enough to accommodate plenty of cars lining up?

That would we ease the burden on the distillery pickups and make it available now...

That would work right? Hand sanitiser purchasing stations where you don’t even have to leave your car?

Pivot 2 - done/in progress ✅  

Social distancing compliant? - check ✅ 

The extra cool parts? 

We're employing a handful of Queenslanders who could use the work and some income about now!

So! It all starts Thursday this week. 

Website is already live - - anyone will be able to purchase high quality, residue-free, locally made, hospital grade hand sanitiser from a local business employing local people and supporting other local business. 

Depending on the response from the community, we’ll aim to expand it to some locations on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. 

You can drive in and purchase/pickup without even ordering or you can order ahead via the website and pickup on arrival or we can arrange delivery.

Looking forward to helping you soon Queensland! 

Steve Gilbert 

Founder and Owner of Get Parked (est. May 2013)

Founder and Owner of Get Sanitised (est. March 2020)

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Get Sanitised Team
Get Sanitised Team
Apr 10, 2020

Hey, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, there were some issues with the production of our 500mL sanitisers. We are working really hard alongside Brisbane Distillery to make sure that we can get sanitiser #IntoYourHands very soon. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this situation and look forward to fulfilling your order in the coming days, if not earlier.


Apr 09, 2020

When I placed the order it was written that the order will be available on 9th of April, now I just received the message saying “You will be notified when stock is available.” How can I make sure it is not a fraud? If you are not able to deliver the order on time, why did you collect the payment? Why not collect the payment on pick up time?

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